New Homepage:

I've used this website for everything I wanted to publish, ranging from university projects to my app. I had the urge to clean this up, so I decided to create two new homepages. I now have a personal homepage at, and I have a business website at

Blitz Talk at NSConference 2012

I just returned from the Mac developer conference NSConference 2012 in Reading. I gave a short talk about loading data in the background. You can find slides and sample code here.

Cheap Trickles

In November 2011, I finished a two month project with Chris Wojtan, where I worked on a novel approach to fluid dynamic simulations.

Cheap Trickles

Cheap Trickles
PDF file – 300KB

My Diploma Thesis

After two years of hard work I can finally present my diploma thesis.

Microscopic Theory of the Lennard-Jones Fluid

Microscopic Theory of the Lennard-Jones Fluid
PDF file – 2.2MB

We also published an article in the Journal of Low Temperature Physics that includes some of my data: Bose and Fermi Gases with Lennard–Jones Interactions.

MDB Viewer

Whenever I work on a web site, someone will eventually send me a Microsoft Access file with all the data to be published. Copying tables from those .mdb files to a MySQL database is a complex procedure.

MDB Viewer Icon

To make this easier, I have written a Mac app named MDB Viewer. I use it to open Access files and export them to various formats. MDB Viewer is based on the Open Source MDB Tools, and comes with all the spit and polish you expect from a Mac app. It's available for sale on the Mac App Store, where I'm receiving lots of 5 star reviews.


Graph10k is a web app I created for the 10k apart contest in Summer 2010. It is a minimalistic function grapher featuring a powerful equation editor. The focus lies on ease of use and beautiful design. At the moment, it works in modern desktop browsers (Safari, Firefox, Chrome and IE9 preview). Graph10k got a mention on Microsofts IE Blog. You can have a look at it here

Simplified FHNC

The topic of my diploma thesis is the Fermi Hypernetted-Chain theory, and its application to 3He. These are the slides for a talk I gave in november 2009 about a simplified form of the FHNC method.

Simplified FHNC

Simplified FHNC
PDF file – 1MB

Laser Induced Nanostructures

These are the slides for a short talk I gave at a seminar in june 2009.
Laser Induced Nanostructures in Polymers

Laser Induced Nanostructures in Polymers
PDF file – 3MB

I created a molecular dynamics simulation for a course on computational physics in 2008. It's a very basic MD simulation of a homogenous system of particles interacting via a Lennard-Jones potential.

Mold Screenshot

While MolD might not be on the cutting edge of scientific breakthrough, it features cutting edge visualisations! We've used several times at the institute for demonstrations.


MacOS X application – 350KB